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All defective parts will need to be inspected by United Spare Parts Source, Corp prior to warranty approval.


All New Turbocharger and parts carry a full one-year manufacturer warranty against defects. 

All stock clearance parts carry a 90 day warranty.


 No Warranty on high performance turbos and parts, unless covered by a manufacturer warranty. Warranty starts from the date shown on the original invoice. Any warranty claim will require inspection of the Turbocharger Product in the original condition it was removed (Any cleaning, disassembly, or alteration will void warranty). United Spare Parts will replace or repair the defective part upon warranty approval at our discretion. Refunds will only be offered if the defective part can't be repaired or replaced.

For any warranty claims, please contact us prior to sending the parts at e-mail at

If a warranty claim results in United Spare Parts Source, Corp providing a Turbocharger Product replacement, then the Warranty Period for the Turbocharger Product replacement will be the unexpired portion of the original Warranty Period for the Turbocharger Product that was replaced. Warranty does not cover miss use, alterations, foreign part damage, abuse, negligence, oil starvation  or any other installation related damages.  


United Spare Parts Source, Corp shall not be liable to Customer under any circumstances for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including without limitation, damage to or loss of property other than for Turbocharger Products; damages incurred in installation, repair or replacement; lost profits, revenue or opportunity; loss of use; losses resulting from or related to downtime of Turbocharger Products; the cost of replacement transportation, power, or compression; the cost of substitute products; or claims of Customer’s customers for such damages, howsoever caused, and whether based on warranty, contract, and/or tort (including negligence, strict liability or otherwise). The total liability of United Spare Parts Source, Corp arising out of the performance or nonperformance hereunder or its obligations in connection with the design, manufacture, sale, delivery, and/or use of United Spare Parts Source, Corp's turbochargers and related parts and/or services shall in no circumstance exceed a sum equal to the amount actually paid to United Spare Parts Source, Corp for Turbocharger Products subject to Customer’s warranty claims.

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