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Listing is for 1 High Grade Stainless Steel -Shroud Plate Assembly-


This Shroud Plate has gone through Isonite Treatment (That’s why it looks dark) to increase resistance to abrasion, seizure, pitting, and corrosion. This chemical process improves metal durability, fatigue endurance and tensile strength. Therefore making these particular nozzle the last you’ll probably ever have to replace.

• If your exhaust break is not working, is probably due to a damage Nozzle Ring. Another symptoms will be loss of power, abnormal engine hesitation and high pitch noise coming from exhaust / Turbocharger.


• Early models HE351Ve turbos had filters in the nozzles in which the tabs holding the filters usually broke off causing the nozzle to jam. This caused Cummins to stop using those filters after 2009. Our nozzles are the new design without filters.


This is a high quality, top of the line, better than OEM part.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return the unused part for a refund.


This Shroud Plate will fit any HE300Vg, HE341Ve and HE351Ve Turbochargers.


You will receive what’s pictured and nothing more:


1- Shroud Plate


1- Retaining Ring


If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.!

Dodge Ram 6.7 HE351VE HE341VE HE300VG Turbo VGT Nozzle Ring Shroud Plate Cummins

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • 2834603, 2842406, 2834900, 2835908, 2837649, 2838190, 3768087, 3770973, 3790481, 3799833, 3799840H, 2882075, 4955876, 2881755, 4955447, 68003401AA, 68027068AA, 68048234AD, 68031095AA, R8048234AG, R8048234AH, 2834955, 2835910, 2837647, 2838191, 2842407, 3768088, 3770974, 3790483, 3799840, 4046837, 5325950, 3770973, 2834603, 4046264, ISB 6.7, Cummins ISB, RAM 2500 / 3500

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