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Condition: New

Brand: USP

Type: Nozzle Ring Assembly

Interchange Part Number: HE300VG, HE351Ve

Used in: Cummins, Holset ISM, ISX, ISB, ISL, 4036847, 4036849, 4036850, 4036851, 4036852, 4040234, 4041085, 4044529, 3778554, 3781162, 4041085, 4036847, 4045928, 4044529, 5352241, 4036847, 4045934RX, 4089600, 3781163, 4044006, 4045934, 4955462, 4089600NX, 4044006NX, 408960000, 4955462RX, 4034040, 4955462, 4044006, 4955462RX, 4955462HX, ISL, ISM, ISME, QSM11, ISM02, ISM 370, CM875, CPL8557

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Items Included: Nozzle Ring

Manufacturer Part Number: HE431V-NR-SB

Model: HE431V, HE431VTi

Included Parts: 

1x VGT Nozzle

1x Sloted Shroud Plate

1x Snap Ring / Retaining Ring


NOTE: This Nozzle Ring is for used on HE431V and HE431VTi with pneumatic (Air) VGT actuators only. Does not Fit HE431Ve or HE400VG with Electronic VGT Actuators.


Note: This is an Upgrade Nozzle Ring assembly. This Nozzle has received an special Isonite Heat Treatment to strengthen it and increase wear resistance / durability. Making this Nozzle more durable than the Original OEM Stainless unit.

Nozzle Ring Assembly for Holset Cummins HE431V 4036847 Straight Blade

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