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Condition: New

Brand: Garrett

Used in: 17201-E0654, 17201-E0651, 17201-E0652, 17201-E065, 830725-0001, 830724-0002, 830724-9001S, 830725-1, 830724-2, 830724-1, Hino Truck JO8E, GTB3576KLNRV, J08E, 7.7L, Diesel, A/R 0.95 (Variable Nozzle), REA, Actuator, REA, Actuator electric, 790598-0012, Honeywell, Garrett, Japan, Original OEM, Hino 338 Turbocharger Replacement NEW, 14038973-101, 1700251890, 17201E0651, 17201-E0651A, 17201E0652, 17201E0653, 17201-E0653, 17201E0654, 17201E0654A, 17201-E0654A, 7758060013, 775806-0013, 7758060015, 775806-0015, 7758060017, 775806-0017, 7758060019, 775806-0019, 775806-5013, 7758065015, 775806-5015, 7758065017, 775806-5017, 775806-5019, 7758065019S, 775806-5019S, 7758069013, 775802-10, 775802-0010, 783255-0001, 783255-1, 830724-0001

Type: Turbine Wheel / Shaft Assembly (For Ball Bearings)

Used in: 830724-5001S, J08E, 17201-E0652

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Items Included: Turbine Wheel and Shaft




Neck: For Boreless Compressor Wheels

Blades: 13


Note: This turbine wheel is for Ceramic Ball Bearing Applications, specifically for the Hino J08E with GTB3576KLNRV Turbocharger.


Garrett Turbine Wheel Shaft Hino J08E GTB3576KLNRV Ball Bearing Turbo

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