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Condition: New

Brand: USP

Type: Turbine Wheel / Shaft Assembly 

Fits OEM Turbo P/Ns: 2836358, 2840523, 4048260, 4045019, 2838008, 3767616, 4309077, 4045032, 4309077RX, 4309077NX, 3774641, 3767632, 430907700HX, 4309077RX, 4309077RXCUM, 2881998, 2881998RX, 5350895HX, 4955903, 4956011, 4955426, 2080039RX, 2881786, 2881998, 3767131, 3767623, 3774627, 3767631, 3774641, 4042417, 4045032, 4045035, 4048260, 4048261, 4955426, 4955903, 4956011, 3774613, 3781160, 5350510

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Items Included: Turbine Wheel and Shaft

Manufacturer Part Number: HE500VG-TW

Model: HE500VG, HE561Ve, HE551Ve, w/ Big Shaft

Inducer:  86mm

Exducer: 72mm

Diameter Neck (Big Shaft): 11.1mm

Journal Bearing Diameter (Big Shaft): 14.3mm

Blades: 12


Turbine is pre-balanced. However, assembly balancing is highly recommend as well as professional installation. Remember, improper installation is the #1 cause if Turbocharger failure.

Note: There are 2 different Shaft Models used on HE561Ve, HE500VG, and HE551Ve Turbos. Small and Big Shaft. This listing is for the BIG SHAFT Version. Please compare all above dimensions or contact us if not sure.

Check our other listings if you need the Small Shaft Version.


Turbine Wheel for Cummins Holset HE500VG HE551Ve HE561Ve Big Shaft 72 x 86

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